Sanema - development of geophysical instruments and electronics for the needs of the oil industry.

Production company SANEMA LTD since 2005, it has been engaged in the production and development of new geophysical instruments, sensors, electronics, technology for studying defects in borehole structures, underground gas storages.

In 2018, as a result of the reorganization, SANEMA received a new metrological and technical laboratory, in which new standards for production development were introduced, technical control was strengthened at all stages of the production of geophysical instruments.

As a result of the measures taken, the quality of the products increased significantly, the development of new geophysical instruments accelerated. All devices manufactured by SANEMA are issued a 3-year warranty.

The main activity of the company: development, design and production of new geophysical instruments, sensors, electronics, technologies for studying defects in borehole structures and underground gas storages, for the oil and gas industry in Russia and neighboring countries.

Collective the company consists of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the development and production of geophysical instruments and sensors for the geophysical industry.

The structure of the companyrepresented by 5 departments and 2 divisions:

Management and accounting - work with clients, coordination of technical tasks, conclusion of contracts, paperwork;

Engineering department - development of circuitry, firmware, basic principles of operation of devices;

Design Department - development and design of design documentation for mechanical components and boards for devices;

Technical department - mechanical assembly and wiring of devices in a technical laboratory;

Metrology Department - calibration and thermal testing of instruments in the metrology laboratory;

PCB Assembly Division - assembly of printed circuit boards with electronic components;

Mechanical Parts Division - manufacturing parts on modern CNC machines.

Technology Center located in Russia at the address: Saratov, Guards Street, 2A

Technology Center SANEMA LTD