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Magnetic pulse flaw detector



designed for simultaneous examination of the technical condition of tubing, production and technical columns in injection and production wells of oil and gas fields. The flaw detector additionally records pressure, fluid temperature and the level of natural gamma radiation of the host rocks.


An example of the device -> Monitoring the technical condition of casing strings

Execution options

The instrument is supplied with software for uploading logging and control data.
- Software is available for analysis and interpretation of log data.
- We also provide services for the analysis and interpretation of logging data recorded by the MID-NM device.

By order, the entire line of electromagnetic defectoscope "MID-NM" can be manufactured in a hydrogen sulfide-resistant version (up to 30%) and work in an extended temperature range up to 150 ºС

Features of flaw detectors in an autonomous version


Name MID-NM-A32 (small-sized) MID-NM-ANM (KS)
Maximum working pressure, MPa 60 (80, 100)
Operating temperature range, °С 0 to 150
Number of test tubes 1 1, 2
The minimum internal diameter of the studied pipes, mm 42 52
The maximum outer diameter of the studied pipes, mm 147 324
The maximum thickness of a single test pipe, mm 16
The maximum total thickness of the two studied pipes, mm 25
The error in measuring the wall thickness of a single pipe, mm ±0,25
Accuracy of casing wall thickness measurement through tubing, mm ±0,75
Sensitivity to changes in thickness, mm, not worse ±0,1
The minimum extent of a “crack” type defect along the axis of the pipe necessary for detection should be:
- when examining a single pipe 2.5 ", mm
- when examining a single pipe 5 ", mm
- in the study of casing 5 "pipe through NKT, mm


Minimum length of a detected transverse crack defect:
Pressure resolution,% of the upper limit of measuring overpressure, not worse 0,0004
Resolution of an external thermometer, °С 0,01
Maximum continuous recording time (for stand-alone), h 25
- length (with centralizers), mm, no more
- length (with centralizers and GK module), mm, no more
- diameter, mm, no more



The mass of the device with centralizers, kg, no more
The mass of the device with centralizers and the GK module, kg, no more


Order device

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